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While there are several sports betting platforms on the market, almost all platforms that are trusted and have a good reputation only accept fiat payments.

Betting platforms that accept crypto payments are often not well known. More importantly, these platforms simply focus on accepting crypto payments while continuing to use traditional betting platform technologies. In essence, they are using the technology of centralized betting solutions, with the only difference being that they accept crypto payments; they are not blockchain based. Furthermore, those platforms seem to focus more on maximizing their profits than on giving back to the users, which is a sign of centralized structures and outdated thinking.

Betero’s vision is to build a next-generation sports betting platform based on the following core principles:

The Betero protocol will function as a hybrid decentralized model that enables the platform to function in a manner as simple as that of traditional betting companies. To build the Betero platform, blockchain technology and smart contracts will be used for the most part, provided it ensures simplicity for the user. For funding, users can connect their wallets and deposit crypto in their Betero escrow accounts. This process occurs entirely on the blockchain. The user funds are handled and protected by smart contracts.

By aggregating various sports data providers, Betero will be able to offer the best odds on the market. Moreover, through the integrated Betero DAO, token holders can vote for their preferred data providers. Betero’s unique profit redistribution mechanism will ensure that the users and BTE holders profit the most from the success of the betting platform. All profits will be redistributed back to the people, making Betero fully decentralized. The Betero app is very simple to use; it offers users all the necessary information and just the right tools for placing bets on the go.


Stage 1

  • Performing seed raise, private sale, pre-sale, and public sale
  • Launching the website
  • Deploying the token contract and auditing it

Stage 2

  • Launching Betero yield-farming program
  • Launching the Betero DAO governance interface
  • Backend development and building the infrastructure
  • Starting the development of the app and web version

Stage 3

  • Releasing the web version on BSC Testnet
  • Launching the Betero beta tester incentive program

Stage 4

  • Releasing the mobile app for iOS and Android
  • Launching the full service on BSC Mainnet
  • Starting the Betero profit redistribution
  • Support of the major football leagues

Stage 5

  • Accepting cross-chain crypto transactions
  • Adding several different sports for which users can place bets
  • Sponsoring football clubs



The founder of the project. He comes from the professional soccer sector and uses the reach of his community to make Betero grow quickly. He knows the emotions of the gamblers and the interests of the majority. The idea was born after a market analysis of digital sports betting. He has had the first cooperation talks with some clubs. He hss built a large team, which is ambitious and experienced in the crypto world. He doesn’t want to build just a platform, he wants to build the biggest one.


A marketing strategist who himself has worked successfully for several years in a large company (Würth) in the field for the promotion of products. The main task there was to advertise the products in the best possible way. He also has several years of experience in the betting business. He is very well connected with people who have a high reach in socicl media in Germany.


Studied business administration and has extensive experience in marketing. Besides setting up and working in startups, she gained experience in creating a sales funnel concept for a fashion brand and working in key account management for Bosch. She is very well connected to other successful marketers in the field and loves to attend marketing summits to learn about the latest advertising and marketing techniques to supercharge Beteros marketing activities.


He’s a 26 year old event manager from Berlin, who had successful events all over Germany so far. Additionally he has participated in festivals and has worked on graphic designs not only for his own events but also for clients all over the country. His social media reaches a lot of followers on a daily basis and he’s very much connected to female and male influencers in Germany.


Infinity Group

PRYZ Launchpad

Leon Dajaku (Professional Footballer)