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The use of blockchain technology and DeFi protocols hace proven to be a futureproof and transparent solution for Monetary transactions. As this technology develops, De-Fi becomes increasingly heathy competition to the traditional banking system as we know it. However, a current difficultly of mass adoption is the complexity of use of this technology from a non-crypto user perspective. Liquidus aims to tackle this with a forward-thinking solution to bring DeFi to a mainstream audience.

Liquidus will be the first native app for iOS and Android that provides a secure and easy-to-use wallet with access to all major projects cross-chain. The Liquidus vision is to provide a one stop shop solution that gives users access to all leading DeFi capabilities. The 3 main features of the app are as follows:

  • Access your liquidity pools & farms with one click. With Liquidus you can create new liquidity pools or deposit LP tokens to a farm with one single click. Imagine having one app that integrates all major DEXes like PancakeSwap, ApeSwap, QuickSwap, SushiSwap, UniSwap, etc.
  • Make swaps using with automatic cross-chain capability. For example, swap ETH that you are holding on Ethereum and receive CAKE on the Binance Smart Chain.
  • Safety of your funds. With Liquidus all transactions made are protected by an insurance provider.


Stage I

  • Configuration of token contract on Binance Smart Chain.
  • Initial marketing.

Stage II

  • Configuration of token contract on Binance Smart Chain.
  • Initial marketing.
  • Heavy marketing of the product and vision to grow the Liquidus community.
  • Launch of the Liquidus Staking.
  • Providing liquidity on Pancakeswap and one other Decentralised Exchanges

Stage III

  • Release of the first version of the web app with MetaMask integration.
  • Launch of Liquidus Farms.
  • Partnerships and launch of Liquids farms on other platforms i.e apeswap
  • Launch of the Liqudius cross chain bridge and expansion to other chains such as Polygon & Cronos

Stage IV

  • Adding insurance to all transactions carried out by Liquidus, powered by Armor.
  • Launching the Liquidus Premium staking rewards and fee reduction program.
  • Enabling the Liquidus Boost for LIQ stakers to enjoy double interest on one liquidity pool or single token of their choice.
  • Adding more features such as the Liquidus Security Rating to make the product ready for mobile app launch and the adaption for a mainstream audience.
  • Launching the Liquidus Insurance Fund, which enables users to insure all liquidity pools and tokens they farm using Liquidus.

Stage V

  • Release of the mobile app for iOS and Android.
  • Promoting our apps with Apple Search Ads and Google Ads.
  • Creation of an FAQ and video series to educate users who are new to DeFi about how to use Liquidus and how it works.
  • Adding more features such as the Liquidus Security Rating to make the product ready for mobile app launch and the adaption for a mainstream audience.
  • Start of a bi-weekly DeFi newsletter to keep the community updated on the most interesting new projects and strategies.

Stage VI

  • Adding the biggest DEXes and Defi Protocols on BSC to the platform: Venus, Belt Finance, MDEX, Ellipsis, Autofarm, Beefy, Wault Finance, Apeswap.
  • Adding the biggest DEXes and Defi Protocols on Ethereum to the platform: Uniswap, Aave, Curve, Compound, SushiSwap.
  • Adding the biggest DEXes and Defi Protocols on Polygon to the platform: Dfyn Exchange, Cometh, SusiSwap, Polyzap, Autofarm.

Stage VII

  • Enabling automatic cross chain moving of coins to maximize interest.
  • Support of the Terra blockchain for Mirror Finance and Anchor Protocol to enable high interest of stocks and UST.
  • Running the Liquidus Network testnet.

Stage VIII

  • More chains will be added, such as Fantom, Avalanche, HECO, Chain, etc.
  • Launch of the Liquidus Network mainnet and integration into the platform.



Poseidon entered the crypto space in 2016, gaining an extensive knowledge in market cycles and personal experience in the DeFi sector. He is the founder of an already existing blockchain project and is an influential speaker with a personal following in the hundreds of thousands.


Apollo is a serial entrepreneur who has built some of the most successful iOS apps worldwide, with more than a million downloads in total. He has extensive expertise in AppStore optimization, growth hacking and knows how to land worldwide app store chart hits. His best app hit rank 18 of all paid apps in the US. Apollo is also heavily knowledgeable in crypto, with a particular specialty held in DeFi. Spending 4 years in the space has allowed him to learn the best farming strategies that help maximise APR; a combined skill set that will help Liquidus reach the masses.


A recent finalist in a global entrepreneurship award, Zeus became the youngest manager of a FTSE 100 company on an international level at the age of 18. An advanced stage applicant for the UK's largest business series, Zeus withdrew and co-founded an app that reached No.9 on the global app charts 8 weeks from launch, featured on the BBC and was drafted onto a specialist PwC programme (1 of 9 out of a possible SOO companies). Stepping down as a director to commit full time to Liquidus, Zeus has extensive experience in customer experience, product development, strategy and has a fond interest for super intelligence/artificial intelligence and its capabilities.


Medusa is an experienced investor and serial entrepreneur. In the past two years, Medusa has worked with multiple Forbes-listed investors to fund and accelerate a number of state-of-the-art companies. Beinp able to connect technological aspects with extensive marketing knowledge and a passion for aesthetics, Medusa is the plue to all departments. Actinp as the product manager of the team, she keeps the path to completion clear and the vision in check.


Hades Founded a blockchain Project which reached over a 25 million Market cap within days of launch. Hades has extensive knowledge in the crypto space and has a strong background in IT technologies, with experience consulting for some of the largest enterprise companies in the world.


Hercules has been active in the crypto space since 2017. He is an expert in project management, blockchain development and smart contracts. He has already managed several projects as advisor. At the same time, he has an excellent knowledge of security features and holds a university degree in business administration. With his experience and knowledge, Hercules will support the project as advisor.


With a background in desig n & marketing, PIutus nas worked for an award-winning design agency helping launch apps like Supercell's Brawl Stars to over 1OO million downIoads, and $270 million in player spend. Over the past few years, Plutus has helped startups build apps and products featured gIobaIIy and founded an app that reached No.9 on the global Apple AppStore.


Lycaon has been established in cryptocurrency and blockchain technology since early 2014. As a result, he has grown a large network of nigh profile connections in the crypto space and holds extensive knowledge in market trends, as well as how to establish a quality working project. He is a well known advisor in the crypto community and knows the best strategies on how to ma be Liquidus a top tier product.


Having worked with some of tne most well-known corporate firms gIobaIIy, Cerberus has an extensive knowledge of the finance industry and experience operating with both institutions and private capital. He is a lawyer, entrepreneur, and investor, who believes fully in the power that the crypto space and DeFi have to revolutionize the way that financial services can be accessed worldwide. He has worked on a variety of projects including multimillion-dollar capital raises, tech builds, and financings, providing him with a clear vision of the massive scale and forward -growth of the Liquidus project.


Decentralised Exchanges: Pancake Swap, ApeSwap, BiSwap AnySwap, CronoSwap

Centralised Exchanges: Bitmart, Hotbit,

Launchpad and Seed Round: PRYZ, Infinity Group


The team source revenue comes from:

  • Private & seed sale funding to aid app development & marketing.
  • Liquidus merchandise.