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Nova Creed is an immersive, NFT & play-to-earn gaming universe set in a distant region of space, but built on the Polygon network. The 4 core elements of the “Novaverse” are as follows…

  • An immersive and rewarding series of play to earn games
  • Alien & Spaceship NFT Collections which will be used to play the games
  • Native tokens $ICE & $FUEL used to power the Nova Creed economy
  • A community-governed globally aspiring brand

With a series of different games and modes, participating in the Novaverse will require skill and tactics to grow your fleet and your crew. This will help you to access bigger rewards and exciting unlock-able content.

Starting with Ice Hunt, a PVE (Player Versus Environment) arcade space-shooter. Heading into space, your mission will be to shoot asteroids and collect rewards, dodge enemies and return your bounty to local space stations.

During gameplay, you can earn $FUEL and $ICE, the core blocks of the Nova Creed economy. Use $FUEL to send your ships on salvage missions, collect ship components, and build or upgrade your fleet. whilst earning $FUEL is guaranteed only the top 3 scorers each day will get ICE.

As well as playing the mini-games, you’ll also need a Nova Creed Avatar NFT to build and upgrade your ships. Avatars can each build or upgrade one ship per month. Nova Creeds Avatars can also be staked to earn $FUEL.

To encourage trading and ensure all NFT avatars have value, a role and ranking system has been implemented into all of the NFT avatars.


Stage I

  • Ice Hunt: release and additonal development
  • Nova Marketplace development and release
  • NFT Cloning & Breeding
  • PVP Battles

Stage II

  • Fleet Wars
  • Merchandise
  • New Missions

Stage III

  • Species centric mini-games

Stage IV & Beyond

  • Additional Game modes
  • Additional PvP modes: Capture the flag
  • Interactive Metaverse


Yossarian AKA “The Brains”

Yossarian is currently CEO at an award-winning software company, with customers all over the world. He has a Masters in Chemical Engineering, loves learning languages and is fascinated by the processes of learning languages. When he’s not plotting the next move for Nova Creed, he can usually be found ferrying his children to various sporting events or sleepovers or with his nose in a book (Yoss has run a popular book club for over a decade now).

Red AKA "The Wild Card"

Red’s previous roles include heading up the product team of a UK tech startup. He has a Masters in Literature and is a self-taught developer. He’s annoyingly detail orientated, and loves baking, epic sc-fi, Bojack Horseman and NFTs… He’s been into crypto since 2018 which has slowly consumed his life, and is now regularly berated by his girlfriend for spending too much time staring at candlestick charts and OpenSea listings.


Decentralised Exchanges: Quickswap

Pryz Launchpad

Polygon Studios

CryptoBlades Kingdoms

Intergalactic Gaming (IGG)


The team source revenue comes from:

  • Private & seed sale funding to aid app development & marketing.
  • Merchandise.
  • Secondary market NFT sales.