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Taking Esports and Poker to the Next Level

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Progress 100%

Project Overview




Binance Smart Chain (BSC) (BEP20)

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The gaming industry has been growing exponentially these past few years and will continue to do so. The future is gaming, don’t miss out on being part of that future. Fresh ideas in conjunction with the upcoming currency (cryptocurrencies) are here to make this change happen.

NUTS Gaming will revolutionize the poker and Esports industry by taking it to its full potential through the integration of cryptocurrency and the creation of our revolutionary platform: Nuts Hub. NUTS Gaming opens up a world of possibilities for investors and gamers around the world. The vision being that everyone joins forces towards a common goal, to create a self-sustaining community that takes poker and Esports to the next level!

NUTS Hub is the cornerstone of NUTS Gaming. Essentially it is a platform where you will be able to manage every monetary transaction that you can imagine related to gaming: Tournaments, In-game quests, Coaching, Partnerships, Sponsoring, Skins/NFT marketplace, Streaming, etc. All of these things will go through our platform — creating a sustainable economy ecosystem, where the money will go through the players in a simple and direct way. Players will have a place to profit for their work, in a transparent, simple and staggered manner.



  • Website Launch
  • Pre-Sale
  • PancakeSwap Launch
  • Marketing Campaign to create awareness of the project and its mission
  • Partner with content creators (Poker and Gaming industry)
  • Audit of smart contracts with SolidityFinance
  • Sponsorship of different Poker Players in online tournaments
  • Host free tournaments with big prizes for $NUTSG holders


  • Launch our the Nuts Gaming NFT marketplace
  • Host paid poker tournaments for investors. .
  • Host charity poker tournaments.
  • Audit to be completed by Certik
  • Application to tier 1 centralized exchanges
  • Continued partnerships with content creators and professional poker players


  • Development of the Nuts Gaming Mobile Application
  • Tier 1 centralized exchange listings
  • Launch of worldwide merchandise store
  • Partnerships with eSports teams


  • Sponsorship of gaming world cups and poker world tournaments
  • Host industry-level face to face Nuts tournaments.
  • Form and develop the Nuts Gaming Esports team


The Nuts Gaming team consists of a group of experienced poker players, crypto enthusiasts, businessmen and entrepreneurs who come together with an idea: "To apply crypto technology to improve the economy of the gaming industry and thus give it a total paradigm shift."


Decentralised exchanges: Pancake Swap

Launchpad: PRYZ

Industry Ambassadors:

  • Alexandre 'Cavalito' Mantovani
  • Matías Ruiz
  • Renato Kaneoya
  • Iván Schvintt
  • Martín Gavasci
  • Emmanuel López Lasuen


The team source revenue comes from:

  • Funding raised via PRYZ incubator
  • Merchandise
  • 5% of supply development allocation
  • 1% buy/sell tax