ONINO is the simplest solution for your web 3.0 identity. A layer-1 information storage solution that connects to any wallet. Aiming to provide scalability, security, and ease of use through a simple interface.

Raised 1138 BNB


Progress 100%

Project Overview




Binance Smart Chain (BSC) (BEP20)

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As your decentralised keychain for Web 3.0 ONINO will provide an overview of all your assets and contracts scattered across different networks in one single dashboard.

The many unique use cases for ONINO range from digital twins to identity and asset verification in business to consumer level processes. The need for a platform that connects wallets to your real identity is imminent and will only increase in relevance as mainstream catches on to the possibilities of blockchain-based digitalisation of assets. ONINO’s ecosystem will be the tool that enables upcoming applications to take advantage of a decentralised chain that merges metainformation with personal property, information and your digital identity.

Betero’s vision is to build a next-generation sports betting platform based on the following core principles:


Stage 1

  • Release of Litepaper and Project Documentation
  • Official launch of funding and project development
  • Initial marketing campaign

Stage 2

  • Intensive marketing campaign for the ecosystem to build a strong community
  • Release of the partnerships with an established crypto ecosystem Strategic sale of a well-known and launch on reputable decentralised exchanges (DEX)
  • Start of liquidity mining program of ONI tokens, empowering the functionalities of the ecosystem

Stage 3

  • Token launch on multiple decentralised exchanges on multiple chains.
  • Token launch on multiple centralised exchanges. (CEXs)
  • Team identity reveal & company incorporation announcement (Germany)

Stage 4

  • Setup of the WalletConnect feature
  • Initial setup of the Dual-Chain Architecture
  • Release first version of the web app wallet with basic functionalities
  • Linking to different chains (gradual increasing) Release of our “Asset Overview” feature Release of our “Proof of Identity” feature
  • Security audit for the Dual-Chain Architecture and ONINO Wallet
  • Start of a bi-weekly newsletter to keep the ONINO community updated on the team’s progress and the most interesting new projects and strategies.
  • Further VC Investment Rounds & public token sales

Stage 5

  • Releasing further use cases, based on a ranking carried out by the ONINO community
  • Start of Affiliate and Referral Program for ONINO
  • Creation of educational content for our ONINO users
  • Implementation of community based feedback loops for ONINO’s development

Stage 6

  • Release of mobile apps for iOS and Android
  • Promoting Apps with Google Ads & Apple Search Ads Promotion on Facebook and Instagram for the ONINO App Content creation for SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

Stage 7

  • Partnerships with the biggest projects and regulators
  • Commercial licenses

Stage 8

  • Incentive Program for third party applications on the ONINO Ecosystem
  • First Sales and Support employees to ensure a perfect customer experience
  • Heavy advertising for the ONINO App


Mister A: CEO / Marketing & Operations Lead

CEO / Marketing & Operations Lead Being experienced in working in leading roles in start- and scaleups, this is just one of Mister A’s most recent projects. He has extensive expertise in marketing, project management and entrepreneurship. Mister A is an experienced investor and has gained thorough knowledge about the financial market in the past years. Thriving for challenges and knowledge, Mister A never stops studying fascinating technology and promising future topics. He holds a university degree in Industrial Engineering and Management. .

Mister K: CTO / Tech Lead

Always a true tech head, Mister K was ignited with a spark for digital economics, machine learning, and blockchain technologies when he began his university studies. After delving into the mentioned topics through several coding hackathons, theses, and in-depth experience in academia as well as industry, he is now working as a data scientist and studies blockchain technologies alongside. Being a genuine optimist and philanthropist, Mister K is burning to facilitate and enhance the world through digitisation and technology, and to create a positive impact on humanity.

Mister C: CFO / Financial & Tech Lead

Ever since the Bitcoin run in 2017 Mister C has been interested in blockchain technology and the possible systems that can be built. With extensive experience in Data Science and programming Mister C knows how to combine technology with financial solutions. Currently working as a professional trader, Mister C believes that the future of blockchain lies way beyond DeFi applications and ONINO is his first step towards building blockchain applications that will impact the future of the space.